CONTENT MARKETING – It’s all about “Engagement”

Many companies think they are doing content marketing right but some are, sadly, unaware that they are not. Content Marketing is often an afterthought and not a priority in many business’ marketing strategies (if they even have one at all.) Instead of the old-fashioned “get as many eyeballs on this” approach and metrics measurements, today, you need to ensure and track “engagement” with the visitor. This can be tracked by seeing that the visitor followed your Call To Action (CTA) – be it the downloading of an item (eBook, form, etc.), watching a video, filling out a form or making a call.

The only way to foster this new engagement is to address the pain points of your intended audience and then convert that engagement into revenue growth. Content marketing is not a replacement for your current marketing strategy but an important addition that will move your efforts forward to compete in the modern marketplace.

Why Content Marketing Works

When you engage with your customer on an emotional level and provide them with content that solves a problem or educates them, you have subtly made a connection and created a prospect. You now have them in your sales funnel and can work to create a customer using your traditional methods.

What Content To Use?

Content Marketing entails not only the core standards of blogging and social media posting. It should also include the creation of infographics (images that explain or educate), videos (short- and long-form), whitepapers and case studies, lists (top ten reasons to…) and tutorials, etc. As the outlets for this content change, so too, can your strategy.

Where To Market Your Content

There are many channels to post your content and more emerge each year. There are traditional (Email Blasts, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) and many new platforms emerging all the time. Choosing the right ones depend on one key factor: Is your audience there? If you are targeting young people, Snapchat and Instagram might be the primary channels. If you are trying to reach B2B buyers, LinkedIn may be a good focal point. Moms? Facebook. Determining which channels are appropriate and which are not is where a professional firm can help.

Why Partner With A Firm Like Your Web Marketing Coach?

Most businesses don’t have the in-house experience to do content marketing right. Content creators need to be experienced, articulate, analytical, creative and able to work quickly. Working with an experienced firm like Your Web Marketing Coach will ensure that the content marketing process will be done right, completed on-time, can be easily adjusted as needed and will provide measurable results.

We have done the research, followed the trends and will analyze your business objectively to determine the best approach.

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