Create Your Content Marketing Strategy Now…

Consistently adding quality content to your website and social sites is a crucial part of your Content Marketing Strategy for multiple  reasons: SEO rankings, customer engagement, expansion of customer base, sales improvement, etc. Content that is engaging and also keyworded correctly for SEO should be added each month (or more often) as part of your Internet Marketing Strategy. Here are some ideas to consider:

Review Last Year:

If you have metrics available for posts, emails, etc., review them to find the winners and losers. Any high-performing content can be added to or re-visited in the new year.

Check your social media activities for high engagement and sharing and formulate your strategy with those successes in mind. If you marketed content successfully in the, find out why it worked!

Determine your critical timeframes and events:

  • Buying seasons
  • New product launches
  • Events

Some ideas for content:

  • Events
  • Successful previous sales
  • New products/services
  • Company milestones, wins, etc.

Update your FAQs:

During the past year you should have more to add. It’s only natural. Make notes during the year for FAQs and common issues to answer.

Gather feedback from your team:

Send out a request for ideas, hold a meeting.

Reach out to your best clients:

They can provide great feedback and testimonials and it’s a chance to deepen your relationships.

While building on successful past tactics is always a good strategy, remember to always be open to new ideas. If you would like a free consultation to find out how we can help you reach your potential, feel free to contact us…



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