Every retail operation should be doing this…


Email Marketing for SMBs…

EVERY retail business needs to have one of these at their Point Of Sale (POS).

Email marketing is a proven, easy way to increase your revenues – when used wisely.

Engaging with your customers in a respectful, beneficial (to them) way will naturally cause them to visit you more regularly, and it can help them spend more.

  • Announce new products (“check out our new ready to serve family dinners…”, “we’ve got the new Paleo sliced breads…”, etc.)

  • Promote sales/coupons (“we’re clearing the shelves for the new season…”, “BOGO this week only…”, “print the enclosed coupon for 20% off anything in the store!”, etc.)

  • Give away something of value to a lucky email recipient (pizza, 30 min. massage, consumable item, etc.)

  • Tips/Tricks (“before you close your pool…”, “get ready for summer driving…”, “how to check your dog for ticks…”)

Determining frequency of emails is also a critical decision. Don’t annoy your email list but keep them engaged frequently enough to continue to add value in each emailing.


If you are interested in how these and other Email Marketing tactics can help grow your repeat business and increase loyalty, give us a call.


Feel free to click and print this handy form. We can manage an Email Marketing program that will fit any budget.


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