LEAD GENERATION…Let’s Talk Tomatoes!


Pay Per Click/Adwords vs Search Engine Optimization

Almost every business needs to generate new, quality leads to survive and grow. Aside from traditional marketing methods like print advertising, mailings, telemarketing, etc., Internet Marketing is a proven and cost-effective solution for building your business.

There are two main ways to generate leads from the internet – Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising using services like Google Adwords or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Imagine your leads are tomatoes. Each one is critical to keeping your tomato sauce business running. There are two basic ways to gather tomatoes (generate leads) – Go to the wholesale market and bid on tomatoes against other tomato sauce businesses or grow them yourself in your garden:

(Adwords/PPC) – When you use the market, prices for tomatoes fluctuate based upon the demand of the buyers. If you do not bid enough money, you may not get tomatoes. In order to ensure success, you need an experienced partner to make sure you are getting the best tomatoes for your money.

Adwords are the links found at the top of search engine results above the actual search results (with “AD” next to the links.) There can be up to four Adwords links before the search results depending on the popularity of your search words. A bidding system is used to determine which business’ ad link is placed in which order. The highest bidder comes first and then the next, and so on. There is no charge to show up….you are only charged if someone clicks on the ad link (hence Pay-Per-Click.) That fee is based upon the bidding system – similar to eBay – so careful analysis of the bidding pool is critical to making sure you have a shot at showing up in the ads.

(SEO) – With the grow-your-own method, when tended to correctly, your garden can provide tomatoes at a much lower cost and generally of better quality. You only need to partner with an experienced gardener to tend to the tomatoes. The great thing about this method is that once you prove out the tomato garden, you can focus on other vegetables (search targets for different leads) and so on.

Search Engine Optimization is a combination of methods and best practices that will help tell the search engines like Google and Bing exactly what your business does (make tomato sauce) where you do business (locations or region) and any other relevant data needed to ensure that you are showing up for the right search terms. This includes adding content on a regular basis to your website (tending to the garden) that is properly constructed for both the search engines and for your visitors, optimizing your website structure (titles, descriptions, etc.) for the search engines and many other methods, as well.

Why Hire A Firm Like Your Web Marketing Coach?

When done right, Internet Marketing runs like a well-oiled machine. When it’s not done right, it can be frustrating, confusing and a significant waste of money. The key to success is having a trusted partner that makes the process transparent and who makes sure your money is well spent.

Most businesses don’t have the in-house experience to do Internet Marketing right. Advertising and content creators need to be experienced, articulate, analytical, creative and able to work quickly. Working with an experienced firm like Your Web Marketing Coach will ensure that the Internet Marketing process will be done right, completed on-time, can be easily adjusted as needed and will provide measurable results.

We have done the research, followed the trends and will analyze your business objectively to determine the best approach.

We invite you to CONTACT US for a Free Consultation to evaluate your exact needs/goals and budget.


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