Why Referral Programs work…

For almost any business, including Your Web Marketing Coach, referrals are GOLD! If someone is confident enough in your abilities and service ethics to present you to a friend or other business they patronize, they should be thanked graciously and also fairly compensated.

Your Web Marketing Coach offers a referral bonus starting at $75.00 for any recommendation to another business or even a cold lead (“this company’s website stinks!”) that turns into a paying customer. Of course, if the new opportunity size is a larger than normal one, the bonus is increased generously.

Many businesses have “Refer a Friend” programs and, when properly run, can generate a tremendous amount of new business with NO EFFORT on the business owner’s part. It may be a financial bonus or a product or service giveaway.

Whenever someone new contacts you for business, remember to ask “did one of my happy clients refer you to me?” and ask who it was and make note. Send them a thank you email or call them and personally thank them for the referral. See below for some compensation ideas.

Some people bristle at accepting a referral fee. It’s perfectly natural to thank someone with either a payment or in-kind (giveaway) service or product(s). It’s your choice, but remember to actively seek out and reward referrals. It’s a great way to help build your business.

Here are some examples:

Snow and Ski Retailer – hand out printed cards to paying customers that say “VIP Refer a Friend Program” and when someone brings a friend to shop and presents the card, for every $250 spent by the new person, the referrer will get $25 dollars to spend. It’s 10% off and you probably couldn’t pay for that kind of benefit.

Auto Detailing Service – get the referring client’s info and email them a “free wash and wax” thank you coupon. They will probably add-on the interior detailing and wheel polishing and turn it into a paying bonus for you!

Landscaper – if you get a homeowner referral, offer them referrer a free add-on like powerwashing their path and steps or patio. Provide something that will be affordable for you but of great value to them.

DJ/Entertainment – offer them a 20% discount on their next party.

These are just a few ideas that you could consider for your business. If you would like to find out more, please contact us:


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